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IAC Tip of the Month Video: Importance of an Empty Hopper

IAC Systems Engineer Luis Castano is back again with this month's Tip of the Month Video about the importance of keeping your baghouse or dust collector system's discharge hopper free of grain load (fallen materials). Proper airflow is very important to keeping your baghouse or dust collector system operating efficiently. When fallen material builds up in the hopper, air velocity is effected, and the performance of the baghouse is reduced. Using the appropriate discharge device, and placing it on a timer, will keep the hopper empty, allowing your baghouse running reliably.

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The Filter Newsletter: The Latest News from IAC

Read IAC’s latest news in the Filter Newsletter. Featured stories include IAC's Permian Basin Office Now Open, our growing Baghouse Maintenance Field Service Teams, Supply Chain Issues Around the Globe, the return of in-person tradeshows and conferences in 2021, and more! IAC looks forward to safely re-connecting with our customers in person in 2021 and thanks our customers for their continued support.

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Smart Plant™ Industry 4.0

The dust collection industry does not experience technological advancements with great regularity. The techniques and equipment have remained much the same as they were years or even decades ago. However, technology does not slow down for us personally or in many areas of manufacturing. We are often left with no choice but to adapt or become left behind.

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Video: IAC OEM Metal Fabrication and Manufacturing Capabilities

Since 1987, IAC has been a fast-track, high-technology OEM designer and fabricator of baghouses, dust collection equipment, pneumatic conveying, dry bulk material handling and storage systems, and structural steel detailing and ductwork. Over the years our OEM product lines expanded to include gas stream conditioning systems, industrial rotary dryers, heat exchangers, electrostatic precipitators, gas turbine inlet filters, and other specialty process equipment. IAC has produced thousands of engineered systems for a wide variety of clients and industries. We are a full-service OEM with complete EPC capabilities, supporting customers both before and after their equipment purchase with engineering design services, field service maintenance and troubleshooting, personnel training, diagnostic analysis of dust collection systems and process equipment, and specialty industrial installation and construction services.

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IAC Tip of the Month Video: Lost Production Caused By In-Leakage

Do you hear a hissing sound coming from your baghouse’s housing, a discharge point, or expansion joint? That’s the sound of lost production, and lost profits. IAC Process Engineer Luis Castano has inspected hundreds of baghouse dust collection and vent systems; lost production capacity due to In-Leakage is the problem he finds most often. In-Leakage reduces the baghouse system’s ability to process airflow at rated CFM capacity, which in turn causes the process equipment’s production to drop. High temperature air magnifies this effect, slowing production system down even more.

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IAC Opens New Permian Basin Frac Sand Service Center in Monahans, TX

MISSION, KS- February 18th, 2021- Industrial Accessories Company (IAC), one of the best-known companies for Turnkey plant design and construction within the Frac Sand industry (with more than 45 previous Frac Sand plant projects), announces the opening of a new service center in Monahans to support customer needs in the Permian Basin. IAC’s prior field service office was located in Kermit, TX. IAC’s new location is: 223 W Sealy Ave. Monahans, TX 79756. For service, call 800-334-7431.

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