Design, Deliver, Build: IAC Baghouse Expertise

It’s no secret that at IAC we are considered the baghouse experts. But how does IAC continue to outperform the competition time and time again? Watch our video and you’ll see that IAC is the premier provider for baghouse dust collectors.

Complete Dust Collection Systems

At IAC we offer new baghouse and dust collector systems built from the ground up. Our engineers custom design every aspect of your baghouse to meet your needs. Once designed, the system is built and assembled at our fabrication shops. Once completed, we ship the new baghouse directly to your plant where IAC professionals construct it onsite. The end result is your fully functional and optimized dust collector ready to be put to work.

Existing System Conversions

We can convert your existing shaker or reverse air dust collector to an IAC pulse-jet dust collector. This offers improved performance, longer bag life and better dust control. While reusing the existing hopper and side walls, a new Clean Air Plenum is designed to drop in place once the existing tube sheet and blower system has been removed. IAC can have this conversion completed in as little as 24 hours based on the size of the system.

Ventilation System Analysis

We can send out one of our expert engineers to conduct a complete evaluation of your entire dust collection system. This evaluation will serve to provide you the necessary information on your system’s overall performance, where improvements could be made on your end and any major problem areas.

Learn more about our Ventilation System Analysis.

The IAC Blue Crew

Our experienced nationwide service team can maintenance your baghouse system. From filter bag change-outs to installing and removing components our team can do it all.

Learn more about the IAC Blue Crew.

Baghouse Seminars

Our staff of highly trained engineers can come directly to your plant to provide a seminar catered to your needs. From a one hour session, to a full day, we can offer the appropriate lesson plan for you. We will study your specific system and troubleshoot any issues with your process. Our engineer will develop a specific lesson plan intended to educate your staff on how to maintain and operate your baghouse.

Learn more about our engineering seminars.

Aftermarket Parts

Any part from any provider you may need for your dust collector, we can provide it. We are an OEM manufacturer of baghouses and dust collectors, and an aftermarket parts provider. From valves to filter bags, we’ve got you covered.

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