Tip of the Month- Pulse Valve Sizes

In last month’s Tip of the Month Video, IAC’s Luis Castano, explained the importance of the solenoid position on a pulse valve and how it affects the efficiency of the pulse jet cleaning system in a baghouse.
For this month’s tip, Luis highlights the importance of the size of the pulse valve. The goal of a pulse jet system is to fire with a strong pulse in order to get a solid cleaning effect allowing for a discharge of dust.
There are many different sizes of pulse valves in various systems as there is a wide range of sizes of pulse jet baghouses. A common issue that arises is that the pulse jet valve is undersized in comparison to the size of the collector, which means that the pulse valve is not firing with enough intensity and sounds very weak. The baghouse is not getting a good cleaning from the pulse valve which affects the entire process.
In many cases, the solution is to replace the small pulse valves with larger ones. Even the difference of a half inch can allow for a much greater pulsing effect in the baghouse.

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