IAC COVID-19 Mitigation Plan: Ensuring Safety and Operability

Mission, KS – March, 2020 – As you continue to support your operations and look to IAC to provide products, services, engineering and EPC solutions to your company, we anticipate that you may have questions about IAC’s efforts to manage potential disruptions from the Coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak. Every day, we closely monitor developments and reports from local, national and international health agencies, and we are taking actions to comply with their directives which are based on facts and medical science. IAC has in place a very diverse supply network throughout the United States to ensure a geographically dispersed network of fabrication shops, warehouses, engineering resources and field personnel. This diverse supply network ensures that IAC can safely supply your company with equipment and services from areas less impacted during this important time.

There is no issue more important to us than the safety and well-being of our employees, partners, and customers, while delivering on our customer commitments regarding quality and schedule. You can feel confident that we are doing everything within our power to support your operations. We have appointed a senior management team, led by Bob Carter, President of IAC, who will meet and provide direction on how we can further improve our programs and actions as more information becomes available. The health authorities tell us that, to prevent the spread of Coronavirus, we must: wash hands frequently, heighten cleaning practices, avoid contact with sick people, stay away from work when ill and not travel to areas with high infection rates. We will maintain our teams in various locations to ensure all our actions are focused in these areas.

Here’s Where We Are at This Time:

• We are reminding employees and our supply networks about washing hands often and reporting when they are sick. We are communicating with them, asking them to post signage in key employee areas, and providing additional hand sanitizer dispensers as well in work areas.
• For visitors, we are posting hand-washing signage in public areas (e.g., bathrooms) and providing more hand sanitizer dispensers across our properties in high visibility and high traffic areas. We are also increasing our reserves of hand sanitizers for use by our guests and employees over an extended period.
• We maintain multiple supply networks across the United States to fabricate and supply our products to customer in their regions. We have put our customer support staff on high alert to support our customers in case equipment, supplies or services need expediting.
• We maintain multiple personnel, offices and warehouses within Kansas City, throughout the US, and even internationally. This ensures availability of support personnel to help our customers if an outbreak occurs within a location that is quarantined. We have also equipped our key personnel with access to equipment and networks to complete their job functions from home if necessary.
• We have suspended international business travel to areas with higher infection rates. We will use our international networks to attempt to support our international customers during this period. If any of our employees travel to restricted areas for personal reasons, they will be required to stay home under self-quarantine for up to three weeks upon their return.
• If an employee appears to be suffering from flu-like symptoms, they will be asked to promptly seek medical attention and to remain at home until they are free of symptoms.
We appreciate your business and loyalty to IAC and are committed to providing uninterrupted support and updates as available. We hope that this communication will also encourage you to implement an action plan within your companies. We are committed to implementing recommendations from the health authorities to give you peace of mind as you work with our company in the future. The ability to operate your facilities, combined with the health and safety of the employees will always be our most important consideration, especially in these challenging circumstances.

We look forward to continuing to support you as we move forward.

About IAC: Founded in 1986, Industrial Accessories Company is a fast-track, high-technology equipment design, fabrication, and optimization company. As an equipment manufacturer, Engineering, Procurement and Construction (EPC) provider, IAC has delivered, started up and operated countless systems for a wide variety of trusting and satisfied customers across the globe. IAC is a proven innovator with experience delivering turnkey solutions ranging in scope from $30k to $150+ million. IAC serves numerous industries including steel, ethanol, frac sand, cement, lime, asphalt, hemp and biomass. For more information about IAC, please visit our website at www.iac-intl.com.

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