ProSia 3D Laser Scanning Services for Engineering and Construction

3D laser scanning camera being operated by a technician on a jobsite

As a full service industrial EPC provider, IAC's engineering, planning, and construction teams know the value of initial feasibility and front end engineering design (FEED) studies that identify technical issues in the bid stage, so that we can provide our clients with reliable estimations of project costs and time tables.

Therefore, we are happy to announce that IAC has added 3D laser scanning to the industrial engineering and construction services we offer.  Dubbed "ProSIA", for See-It-All, our trained staff will use 3D laser scanning equipment to create a point cloud model of the job site. This model is used to create accurate engineering, equipment, and construction plans, which limit redesign in the engineering process, saving both money and time for our clients. 

Here are 6 reasons why IAC's ProSia 3D Laser Scanning Services for construction can benefit your next project:

  1. Accurate Measurements
    3D laser scanning technology allows for the capture of extremely precise measurements, providing contractors with high-quality data on the exact dimensions and details of a construction site.
  2. Time Saving
    3D laser scanning technology allows architects and builders to plan their projects accurately, with only a fraction of the time it would take to manually gather information, thus reducing the risk of delays and errors during the construction process.
  3. Enhanced Safety
    3D laser scanning technology eliminates the need for manual measurements, which can be dangerous and time-consuming, resulting in a safer, more efficient work environment.


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  1. Reduces Costs
    The use of 3D laser scanning technology is cost-effective, as it eliminates the need for multiple site visits and extensive in-process measurements. It limits the cost of travel expenses and the need for additional project resources.
  1. Improved Quality Control and Collaboration
    With the help of 3D laser scanning technology, construction teams can easily identify any issues that may arise during the project, ensuring the quality of work is maintained throughout the construction process. This also allows for improved communication and collaboration between architects, engineers, and construction teams, improving overall project efficiency and compliance with contract documents. 
  1. Enhanced Documentation and Visualization
    3D laser scanning technology provides detailed documentation and realistic visualizations of a construction site, allowing engineers and builders to visualize their work in a virtual environment before beginning construction, ensuring our customer's compliant as-built records.
Watch our video to learn more about IAC's new ProSia 3D Laser Scanning Services for Construction and Engineering projects.


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