IAC Tip of the Month Video: Lost Production Caused By In-Leakage

Do you hear a hissing sound coming from your baghouse’s housing, a discharge point, or expansion joint? That’s the sound of lost production, and lost profits. IAC Process Engineer Luis Castano has inspected hundreds of baghouse dust collection and vent systems; lost production capacity due to In-Leakage is the problem he finds most often. In-Leakage reduces the baghouse system’s ability to process airflow at rated CFM capacity, which in turn causes the process equipment’s production to drop. High temperature air magnifies this effect, slowing production system down even more.

In this month's Tip of the Month Video, Luis Castano explains how to detect In-Leakage, and what actions you take to eliminate In-Leakage and keep your industrial process equipment operating at maximum production.

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