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Ever wondered how the Roman empire made such durable buildings? Like the Colosseum or Pantheon? They achieved those long-lasting architectural wonders by harnessing the power of natural Pozzolans!

According to Encyclopedia Britannica, Romans discovered natural pozzolan in the 3rd century near Naples and Rome. They mixed two parts pozzolan and one part lime to strengthen concrete rather than using sand. This resulted in such historical architectural wonders as the Baths of Caracalla in Rome which you can still visit today.

Now, centuries later, IAC offers complete process solutions for naturally mined pozzolans and various components for the processing of byproduct pozzolans such as silica fume, slag, shale, and metakaolin. These elements are siliceous or a combination of siliceous and aluminous materials. While alone, these elements have no cementitious value, once mixed with cement, the pozzolanic reaction increases concrete strength as the pozzolans react with calcium hydroxide (lime). This increases durability and density, reduces material costs, aids in corrosion resistance, and reduces carbon footprints.

The inclusion of pozzolan in cement mixtures reduces greenhouse gas emissions because the process of heating the calcium hydroxide, to create the bonding compound in cement, releases carbon dioxide into the air. The addition of pozzolans to cement production can reduce carbon dioxide by 5 to 7%.

IAC offers turnkey plant builds for naturally mined pozzolan as your EPC contractor. We can customize your process thanks to our abilities as an OEM of bulk material handling and pneumatic conveying systems. Our in-house engineers and construction subsidiary, Adelphi Construction, can partner to move your project from planning to complete. We offer you peace of mind as a single source for design, construction, and future service of your pozzolan facility.

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IAC is an associate member of the Natural Pozzolan Association.

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