Pulse Jet Baghouse Winterization Kits and Services

 Don’t Let Winter Weather Conditions Disrupt Your Operation!

IAC’s pulse jet baghouse winterizing kit protects your baghouse’s pulse valves and compressed air headers from snow, ice, and freezing weather - guarding against production interruptions and downtime.

Winter weather conditions can cause pulse valves to freeze open, or internal diaphragms to crack, bleeding the compressed air header of the air pressure and air volume required to effectively clean the bags.

Fabric filter bags require adequate cleaning energy, supplied by the pulse-jet cleaning system. When the pulse valves fail to deliver a nice sharp burst of air to clean the filter bags properly, the results are a compounding list of operational issues, starting with rapidly increasing differential pressure, loss of airflow, and eventually leading to loss of process ventilation and unscheduled downtime to perform corrective maintenance.

IAC builds pulse-jet dust collectors for applications from 500 to 2,000,000 cfm – so any size or style header assembly can be accommodated. Our winterizing products are cost-effective and easy to install. 

Winterization Kits Are Custom Designed For Each Pulse Jet Assembly

The insulated pulse valve enclosure includes:

  • Top removal quick-release lid(s) for service access
  • Heating element(s)
  • Thermostat controls to ensure the header/valve assembly stays above 32°F (0°C).

Economic Protection, Experienced Service Crews

This inexpensive product is the most cost effective insurance available for uninterrupted winter production, and can be quoted installed or “turnkey” if desired.

Our nationwide Blue Crews can install your winterization kit in a short time and train your crew on proper maintenance.

Blue Crews are also able to provide service for other Industrial Equipment to keep your production at rate, or above, even in the harshest of weather.

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