Blue Crew Baghouse Dust Collector Maintenance Services

Let IAC's Blue Crew be your trusted service providers for industrial baghouse dust collector maintenance services and filter bag change-outs.

Every project begins with a plant safety meeting, and every job starts with a proper lock out / tag out of the control panel.  All work is performed by trained professionals.  Our Blue Crew will:

  • Replace and dispose of used bags, damaged cages, pleated filter elements, and clamps & parts as needed.
  • Housekeeping on the clean air side of the tubesheet
  • Clean out differential line tap holes and reinstall clean line.
  • Inspect diaphragm and solenoid valves for proper operation
  • Test Pulse Timer Board to ensure proper firing sequence
  • Repair minor defects in door seals
  • Remove intermittent loose build-up from hopper walls

Our baghouse dust collector maintenance services increase efficiency, reduce emissions, save on energy costs, and increase personnel safety.  Additionally, our aftermarket parts team can help you reduce inventory costs by providing critical spare parts lists, and recommended replacement inventory stocking levels. 

Watch the video to see our Blue Crews in action, performing baghouse filter bag and cage change-outs on pulse-jet, reverse air, and bin vent type dust collectors, checking for leaks with fluorescent powder, and working safely in all types of weather.

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