IAC is Your One-Stop Source for Parts and Service

IAC is your One-Stop Resource for Parts and Service for baghousesdust collectorspneumatic conveyingbulk dry material handling and storage, and other industrial process systems.  Submit your parts or service request today using our easy forms below!


IAC's supply chain network includes more than 650 vendors, all screened to meet our stringent quality standards as an original equipment manufacturer (OEM).

We supply over 55,000 replacement parts and filters, and stock many common critical spare parts, electronic controls, baghouse accessories, and more at our centrally located warehouse in Olathe, KS for rapid shipping across North America.

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IAC's Field Service Teams offer:

Maintenance Engineering
Inspection Construction
Commissioning (Cx) Environmental Controls Testing
Installation of Automated Remote Monitoring Systems Employee Training for Baghouse, Ventilation System, Pneumatic System, and Drying systems at your site or remotely

Our headquarters' central location in Mission, KS, combined with our network of remote offices across the USA and in Latin America, makes it cost effective for our teams to perform all types customer job site work sites in the States, and perform select work in Latin America.

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