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Overlooked Aspects of Combustible Dust Design & NFPA Requirements

IAC is excited to co-sponsor the PBS Dust Collection Webinar, "Overlooked Aspects of Combustible Dust Design", being presented on Wednesday, January 25th, 2023.  In addition to what you'll learn by attending this PBS presentation, please take a look at IAC's resources on the subject of "Overlooked Aspects of Combustible Dust Design"

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Smart Plant Remote Monitoring Equipment Improves Baghouse Health

When IAC’s Vice President of Engineering, Tristan Trupka, was a guest on the 174th episode of the “Dust Safety Science” Podcast, there was some discussion that IAC’s Joe Haney may also be invited to the show. As hoped, Joe joined host Dr. Chris Cloney (PEng.) for the show’s 180th episode. If you missed Tristan’s episode you can read a summary or link to that installment here.

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Large Scale Dust Collection Systems for Greenfield Applications

IAC’s Vice President of Engineering, Tristan Trupka, recently was a guest on the podcast, “Dust Safety Science”. The show discusses process systems and combustible dust safety with host Dr. Chris Cloney (PEng.), an esteemed expert in the field. Dr. Cloney has presented at academic conferences in over five countries, published over 15 peer-reviewed journals, and now focuses on educating industrial workers on best practices for handling combustible dust safely.

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Pneumatic Conveyor System for Dry Bulk Storage Silos

Smart Buying Decisions for Pneumatic Conveying Systems

From the smallest elbow to the largest bin vent, knowing each part and piece of equipment is created for your particular pneumatic conveying process will help you save money, plan for maintenance, limit employee exposure, save energy, and increase your production rate. Over time, repeat fixes can become costly. Thus, it is important to ensure your system is outfitted specifically for your application and material.

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Steel Industry IAC Reverse Air Baghouses & EAF Dust Handling System

IAC was awarded a turnkey EPC contract for the supply and construction of the independent Reverse Air Baghouse Systems for two direct-current electric arc furnaces (DC-EAF) having a capacity of 210 short tons (190 tons) each and two twin ladle furnaces (LF). Melt-shop Ventilation will include Canopy Exhaust above the EAF(s) and building ventilation. Total Air Volume of 3,300,000 acfm. IAC is building the EAF Dust Handling from the RAFFs to the Rail Car Load-out Silo.

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Industrial Drying Systems Experts

IAC’s unique combination of engineering, procurement, fabrication, construction, and commissioning expertise ensures our customers in all types of industries that IAC is their trusted source for design, installation, and optimization of industrial drying systems. IAC also provides service after the sale with maintenance and optimization crews available through our Special OPS teams, and spare parts ordering and inventory recommendations through our in-house sales team.

Learn more about industrial rotary dryers on our Rotary Dryer Glossary of Terms page. 

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Vacuum Transfer Systems for Silica Sand Waste Dust & Fines Removal

IAC’s newest innovation provides a labor saving and environmentally safe solution to capture, convey and remove waste dust and fines from collection points within your plant. Our Vacuum Transfer Systems pneumatically convey the waste dust and transfer them to a dedicated waste silo or other accumulation point with an automated truck loadout system for removal from the plant. These systems are designed to convey the waste material with 100% safety factor in design to rapidly deal with surges and unwanted slugs of material.

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