Thermal Processing Solutions and industrial drying for biomass processing

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IAC offers complete thermal processing solutions for biomass processing, and biomass energy production.  We design and fabricate rotary dryers, calciners, dust collection baghouses, cyclones, pollution control equipment, dry bulk storage systems, transload systems, mechanical and pneumatic conveying systems.  In addition to our OEM equipment and engineered systems expertise, we are a full service industrial EPC contracting company. 

Our experienced project estimators and mangers are equipped with historical data plus accurate software and market indicators to produce "no surprise" bids for equipment, installation, and ongoing maintenance or management of biomass drying, processing, and energy production systems. As a leading engineering firm and OEM of dust collection and air pollution control systems, we issue bids with conservative emissions calculations to ensure compliance.

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IAC custom tailors engineered solutions to our customer's unique biomass operational needs, moisture rates, and desired production outcomes.  Our engineering teams, project management teams, sales teams, and service teams all have decades of experience in the products and services we offer, and design systems to reduce or eliminate potential causes of downtime.

Our staff includes specialists in the fine turning of burner controls and optimization of system feed rate outputs for all makes and models of industrial drying systems,  We can install and start-up your system to meet or exceed nameplate rate, and train your staff in ongoing routine maintenance.  We look at your entire process, not just specs on a page in a user manual, and make adjustments to optimize your systems.  Some of our customers have realized ROI before we even left their facility!

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