Stainless Steel Bulk Handling System Saves 800 Lbs. of Material a Week

Installation stainless steel duct pipes

Food manufacturers considering moves to create safer environments, save product, and cut waste can trust IAC to upgrade elements to create a more sanitary and food safe environment. IAC recently helped a confectionary company with updates to a dust collector dating back to the original construction of the plant 20 plus years ago. Over the course of the project, IAC revised ventilation, airflow, safety elements, and saved 800 pounds of product a week.

Tony Pray, IAC Aftermarket Equipment Sales Manager, said the customer initially contacted IAC to replace a cassette style baghouse with difficult-to-change filter bags due to its location in the facility. The company used the baghouse to unload product for storage in silos before it is introduced into the product stream.

Upon initial inspection, Pray suggested the company carry out a Dust Hazard Analysis (DHA). With results of this analysis, IAC went on to further ensure the facility upgrade would better benefit the overall process and improve safety.

Prior to the improvements made by IAC, the confectionary company discarded 400 pounds of raw product from each of the week’s two truckloads due to part of the product entering nonfood grade duct work, creating 800 pounds of waste per week. The facility also experienced a dusting issue inside the facility near the barrel fill station.

IAC installed new or upgraded several components of the facility to create a safer and more efficient process, including:

  • Stainless steel baghouse
  • Stainless steel rotary airlock at baghouse discharge
  • Stainless steel ducts
  • Isolation device on main duct
  • Explosion vents
  • Custom controls package to monitor and safeguard
  • Explosion deflector plate
  • Hood installed at fill station

With improvements made to the system, the company now has a completely food grade stainless steel dry bulk material handling and storage system to meet NFPA guidelines, created a safer work environment for employees, and maximized product yield.

The facility’s Health, Safety, and Environmental Engineer said the overall process solution offered by IAC exceeded expectations. IAC is preparing to upgrade two other facility locations for this confectionary company.

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