IAC Team Completes 16,800 Pleated Filter Bag Change-out Early

Recently, IAC’s Nationwide Blue Crew Field Service Team was contracted to complete a filter bag change-out at a Power Generation Station in Nebraska. The job consisted of  removing and replacing 16,800 pleated filter elements, changing 1 compartment at a time, while the baghouse was on-line and running, within an 8 week timeframe. The IAC Crew successfully completed the job 2 weeks early – right at the 6-week mark.

Amid the challenge of complying with extra safety precautions due to COVID-19 restrictions, the crew completed the pleated filter elements change-out in an impressive time frame, and did an exceptional job handling the maintenance on the baghouse.

Following the pleated filter element change-out, the customer sent an e-mail to our Blue Crew Field Service Manager, stating:

“I’d like to put in a good word for the crew that was here to work on our baghouse pleated filter change out project.  They did a great job.  Several of our craft people who worked with them commented that they were impressed with their work.  Plant Management was pleased with the time frame in which we got the job done, all while on-line and dealing with the extra Covid-19 issues. I would have no problem recommending your crew to anyone else”

Baghouse Services Team – The IAC Blue Crew

Our diverse and talented teams have extensive experience in areas such as Maintenance Services, Inspections, Engineering and Professional Trades. IAC’s Personnel are fully committed to providing 24/7 support in maintenance and operational assistance with our Immediate Response & Emergency Service Crews available any time of day and hour.

IAC’s Baghouse Maintenance and Field Services Crew, the IAC Blue Crew, service all dust collection designs, brands and sizes. All IAC crews supply their own support facilities and are able to work independently when necessary providing daily CDC Compliance Certifications. Safety is of the utmost importance to IAC and all Maintenance Crews are OSHA and MSHA certified with fully staffed teams and crew leaders nationwide, ready for immediate response.

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