Make Manpower at Your Plant More Effective: Tip of the Month Video

IAC’s Smart Plant™ Cloud-Based Remote Monitoring System helps your facility master Industry 4.0 technology with intelligent baghouse automation to keep your plant running at its most efficient and to help you make the most of your manpower. The Smart Plant™ Line of Products and Services can automate records, monitor levels, protect equipment, assist trained personnel, and help you be prepared to quickly solve problems before you know they exist.

With the Smart Plant™ Remote Monitoring System, data is automatically sent from the connected gateway to the cloud via a cellular network where it can be accessed by employees from anywhere via a cell phone, tablet, or computer. Plant employees can simply log on and review current conditions and detailed reports, as well as historical data, trends, and alarms. This allows for more accurate insight into system health, planning for preventative maintenance, and optimizing performance. All of which will help to minimize downtime!

Watch our Tip of the Month Video to learn more: 

In addition, the Smart Plant™ Silo Management System (SMS) monitors levels, pressure, overfills, and more. This improves safety by eliminating unnecessary trips to the top of silos, or other hard-to-reach places, because it puts condition information in the palm of your employees’ hands.

Using Smart Plant™ technology gives your employees the ability to plan preventative maintenance and protect equipment. Smart Plant data can record cleaning cycles of filter bags to find the average life cycle of your bags and better plan and manage changeouts. It can monitor vibration/heat remotely on equipment and predict upset conditions in a timely manner.

The Smart Plant™ Remote Monitoring System allows employees to set high- and low-level notifications to alert employees via text or email the moment a problem begins. With this ability, employees no longer need to walk the plant to find the issue, they can head straight to the problem knowing where and what needs to be repaired. Maintenance preparation allows for reduced travel expenses and saves on parts.

Smart Plant™ technology allows for proper employee scheduling during planned outages and scheduled maintenance. The ability to have emergency support helps your employees with quick troubleshooting and expedites repair. Call IAC today to have Smart Plant™ integrated seamlessly into your system to help you make the most of your time.

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