Steel Industry IAC Reverse Air Baghouses & EAF Dust Handling System

IAC was awarded a turnkey EPC contract for the supply and construction of the independent Reverse Air Baghouse Systems for two direct-current electric arc furnaces (DC-EAF) having a capacity of 210 short tons (190 tons) each and two twin ladle furnaces (LF). Melt-shop Ventilation will include Canopy Exhaust above the EAF(s) and building ventilation. Total Air Volume of 3,300,000 acfm. IAC is building the EAF Dust Handling from the RAFFs to the Rail Car Load-out Silo.

Watch the Full Video of the Project’s Progression: 


IAC Steel Industry capabilities go beyond simply supplying OEM dust handling & APC equipment. We are a leading industrial EPC contractor. What makes working with IAC unique is our combination of OEM manufacturing capabilities, our multi-disciplined approach to engineering and design, our commitment to accurate project planning, budgeting, and safety, and our ability to execute fast track construction projects with our subsidiary company, Adelphi Construction LC.

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