Wireless IoT Devices for Smart Plant Management

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Today we’re talking about IoT devices - specifically wireless devices. This is a request that seems to be increasing a lot from our customers. You have a lot of measurables at your plant, signals, digital and analog that you can make a difference in how well your plant is working. There are new, low cost ways to measure this kind of information, and it's with wireless IoT enabled devices.



First, start with a gateway. This is just a simple way to get you securely connected to the Internet via an encrypted cellular signal. Once you have the gateway connected, you can start to utilize long life battery wireless devices that can be as simple as a vibration device. You can put one to fifty of these devices around your plant and start to measure vibration on moving equipment.

Maybe it's static pressure. You have manifolds all over your plant that collect compressed air for various reasons. Maybe you're not tracking the use or availability of that compressed air. You can add long life battery, wireless static pressure sensors and connect them to that same gateway.

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Maybe it's more critical or more sensitive equipment that has to do with multipoint vibration. That's where you can again look at long life battery vibration sensors that can be connected to that gateway or even power and current transmission. Something as simple as snapping this current meter onto a line to measure your electrical usage or amperage.

All these things kind of unlock you to new ways to measure analog and digital signals around your plant. And once you kind of break the seal on that gateway, you can start to look at dozens or hundreds of different things around your plant that you'll see up here on the screen that you can track in a low cost and highly advanced way. If you'd like to talk more about IoT Smart Plant™ Sensors  let us know. Thanks for watching!

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