IAC Special OPS Customer Success: 58% Increase in Output

IAC Special OPS Frac Sand Plant

The IAC Special OPS team was called to support an in-basin Frac Sand plant in order to evaluate and optimize a rotary dryer. The dryer was not tailored to the real world infeed conditions and therefore unable to support the production output targets.

After installation and commissioning by a third party, the standard operating procedures (SOP) and standard operating ranges (SOR) were not adapted to the operational environment and infeed parameters. This resulted in lower output, operator frustration, and increased downtime.

During the four phases of the IAC Special OPS methodology, dryer output was improved by 58% with a projected 10% reduction in unplanned downtime.

– Instrumentation not functioning properly
– Operators working outside of recommended SOP
– Operation of the dryer outside of established SOR
– Improper utilization of system control parameters
– Product conveyance through the dryer under performing
– Instrumentation: recalibrated instrumentation and insured it’s proper utilization
– Operators: provided operator training, updated and reinforced SOP’s
– Operation: updated and re-established the SOR
– Product throughput: updated the drum drive system
– Set new performance and production targets based on optimal SOP and SOR to maximize system throughput for infeed conditions
– Developed tailored drum flight package specific to plant product and operational needs
– Developed tailored burner control program to increase reliability and production efficiency
– Implemented data logging system with remote monitoring capability, providing the plant with access to industry leading engineering support 24/7

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