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Problems with an Over-Sized Baghouse

Is your baghouse too big for your industrial plant's production needs?  Over time we see that the process equipment systems within an industrial plant go through changes. These changes typically result in the system no longer meeting the expectations it once did. One of the more common systems that end up changing over time is a baghouse or dust collector. These systems act as the ventilation system in a plant and are a vital part of the overall process.

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Baghouse ventilation system design mistakes to avoid - video titlecard

Baghouse Ventilation System Design Mistakes to Avoid

One of the biggest sources of operational problems in a baghouse dust collector's ventilation system is the initial layout.

When we say the initial layout, we mean the blank sheet of paper, or "paper napkin", stage of an industrial plant's equipment layout and ventilation system design. This phase of a project - before any engineering has begun - is the true first phase. Often, the problems with a baghouse dust collector's performance can be traced back to this beginning stage.

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