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Industrial central vacuum system upgrade tips video titlecard

Upgrade Tips for Industrial Central Vacuum Systems for Dust Collection

Housekeeping in your industrial plant has always been important, but never more so than now. Many industrial plants have a high vacuum central vacuum system with multiple vent points that connects via a constant diameter pipe into a baghouse filter system, allowing plant personnel to clean up around machinery and other dust collection points in their facility such as a wood shop, manufacturing plant, or mining operation to name a few examples.
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Correct Placement of HEPA Filters in Baghouse Ventilation System

Where is the HEPA filter in your industrial baghouse ventilation system located? Before or after the fan?

In this Tip of the Month Video, IAC Process Engineer Luis Castano explains how, as filtered air leaves the baghouse, proper HEPA filter placement is critical to optimal performance of downstream processing systems and prevention of possible contaminated air leaks.

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Finding an air leak in a baghouse ventilation system before damaging HEPA filters video thumbnail

Finding a Baghouse Ventilation Air Leak Before Damaging HEPA Filters

In this Tip of the Month Video, IAC Engineer Luis Castano, explains that just like baghouses, the differential pressure on HEPA filters for toxic dust must be monitored. However, if your baghouse has a leak, by the time the HEPA filter monitor indicates a high differential pressure, the HEPA filter’s performance has already been compromised, potentially causing a very expensive problem. Watch the full video below to find out how to detect a leak and prevent this problem.

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Importance of HEPA filter differential pressure in a baghouse system video thumbnail image

Importance of Differential Pressure in HEPA Filters

In our newest Tip of the Month Video, IAC Engineer Luis Castano addresses the importance of monitoring the differential pressure on the HEPA Filters, the secondary filtration system. Excessive dust build-up on the HEPA Filters can be a warning of potential problems with the Baghouse. Watch the video to learn about what to look out for and watch more IAC Videos at on YouTube Page.

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The Meaning of Air to Cloth Ratio video thumbnail image

The Meaning of Air-to-Cloth Ratio in Baghouse Design

IAC Applications Engineering Manager Luis Castano is back with another Tip of the Month for baghouse design.  In this month’s tip, Luis explains the meaning of air-to-cloth ratio in optimized  baghouse design, and its relation to both air velocity going through the filters, and interstitial air velocity going between the bags.  All three parameters are important to consider in order to have your baghouse operating at peak efficiency.

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