Energy Savings with IAC’s Smart Plant Technology: Tip of the Month

IAC’s Smart Plant™ Remote Monitoring System is a highly economical cloud-based IoT system to ensure regulatory compliance and save energy within your facility. With the ability to monitor compressed air, faster detection of leaks, and cleaning on demand, Smart Plant™ Industry 4.0 technology keeps your equipment running optimally while alerting you to equipment failures within minutes.

Compressed air leaks can cost approximately a dollar a minute. A 0.75” or 1.5” valve stuck in an open position and not detected for hours, or even days, can be a costly mistake. The negative impacts on your facility are not limited to increased energy use and compressed air loss. The rest of the system will suffer too. For instance, filters will blind, and the differential pressure (DP) will climb, causing unplanned downtime. In this situation, depending on the length of time condensation has been moving throughout the pneumatic conveying system, filters may not be recoverable and require a full changeout because they are blinded or permanently saturated.


For facility’s tracking emissions to remain in compliance, the Smart Plant™ System’s ability to detect leaks in valves, solenoids, and filters will help keep hazardous issues to a minimum. With early alerts and faster fixes, your facility will reduce the risk of incurring fines and ensure EPA and OSHA regulatory compliance.

Smart Plant™ Systems also allow the integration of a dust monitor. These monitors measure particles as they interact with an isolated probe within a duct or stack. By processing these signals, the monitor can offer each process an accurate measurement of dust emissions. The dust monitor will establish an operational baseline, then alarm accordingly when there are changes within process conditions. A compressed air sensor can also be integrated to detect air leaks and keep compressed air costs down.

Setting a clean-on-demand cycle, rather than constant cleaning, will help reduce energy consumption. Rather than pulsing on a timed basis, you can set the Smart Plant™ cloud-connected Timer to pulse only when necessary. This baghouse automation will save energy and reduce mechanical wear, while helping keep production above or at rate.

Early detection and repair can help alleviate hefty utility bills at your facility. IAC’s Industry 4.0 technology helps by providing economic tools to ensure a clean, safe, and compliant workplace for your employees, saves money by lowering rolling emission averages and avoiding fines, eliminates downtime, and allows for monetary and labor energy savings by keeping your facility running at its most efficient.

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