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IAC Cement Terminal Solutions Designed to Improve Terminal Operating Performance and Logistics

Terminals generally are manned with minimal staff who are focused on delivering cement to diverse customers and complex logistics.

Mission, KS – February 2019 – Industrial Accessories Company (IAC), the premier EPC Contractor and technology based equipment supplier to the Cement industry, has continued to grow their Special OPS plant optimization program.  This new program is designed to meet the raw material, mixing, drying, storage and advanced loadout and transload needs of the industry. Advanced process control technologies, industry expertise, advanced reporting and remote monitoring are tools necessary in today’s rapid pace business environment.

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IAC’s 35+ years of experience as a turnkey solution provider to the Cement Industry requires more than just being an exceptional Engineering Procurement and Construction (EPC) contractor. The enhancement of the Special OPS team within IAC strengthens IAC’s commitment to the Cement Industry by adding post commissioning leadership and sustained operational support to new and existing plant operations to maximize return on investment.

Special OPS is a four phased plan that eliminates the run-time challenges facing Cement processing plant performance.  The Special OPS program will adapt and optimize each element of the plant in order to achieve maximum profitability under real world conditions.

Phase One, Evaluate

IAC’s engineering and operational experts will evaluate the current operating state including equipment performance and operational parameters such as raw material inconsistencies, impact on environmental regulations and changes in operating conditions.  Each current bottleneck will be identified, and a business level impact analysis completed. A detailed report will be generated and a plan to address each operation and characterize the optimization actions and opportunities.

Phase Two, Improve

Phase two will address the obstacles impacting production quality.  Each operation will be adapted and optimized for the conditions.  This phase will set new operational targets and implement the methods necessary to achieve them.  The result will be improved production quality, reduced equipment failure, and improved dry plant feed.

Phase Three, Develop

The development phase will address the challenges resulting from an inexperienced workforce, lack of proper maintenance techniques or lack in process control of the key variables limiting throughput and profitability.  The Special OPS program will train and develop the workforce, as well as implement the processes needed to sustain the optimized performance levels.  This would include process control automation, maintenance and service programs, and resolving any compliance issues.

Phase Four, Monitor

Through the implementation of advanced data analytics and modern sensor technology, IAC can provide on-site and remote monitoring of plant performance.  This technology will give management a clear picture of operations with real time data and trend analysis, allowing the operation to become proactive rather than reactive.  Combined with the performance metrics established through earlier phases, the plant will be optimized for the real world conditions, proactively managed by a capable workforce, and with the processes necessary to sustain high levels of performance.

IAC gained its experience as an EPC and operational support contractor by providing engineered solutions, facility design, procurement, construction services, commissioning services and ongoing operational support into thousands of companies for over 30 years.  Each of these products fit within an engineered solution. IAC is one of the most experienced EPC companies serving the Cement Industry.

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