Powder & Bulk Solids Webinar: Hood Design for Effective Dust Control

IAC is excited to co-sponsor the PBS Dust Collection Webinar, "Hood Design for Effective Dust Control", being presented on Tuesday, January 25th, 2022. 

In addition to what you'll learn by attending this PBS presentation, please take a look at IAC's resources on the subject of "Hood Design for Effective Dust Control"

IAC's Blue Crew Field Service Maintenance & Engineering Teams

We've inspected, maintained, built, rebuilt, optimized, supplied parts for, and came to the emergency rescue of thousands of baghouses and customers during our more than 30 years in the industrial dust control business. 

One of our most popular service offerings is a Baghouse & Ventilation System 101 Training Seminar, which can be done either at your plant or online.  Plant visits include 1/2 day of classroom instruction, and 1/2 day of walking your plant for hands-on training and troubleshooting. 

Here are two of our Tip of the Month videos related to Hood Design for Effective Ventilation:

Here are three articles on IAC's approach to Hood Design, and examples of how we've helped our customers: 


Here are additional resources for topics related to Hood Design for Effective Dust Control:

Reach out to IAC today and put our experience to work for you.  We can help you meet production rates, keep production costs down, and ensure a safe working environment for your staff.

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